Sarah & Jacky — Piper’s Heath Golf Club Wedding – Milton Ontario


Sarah and Jacky’s wedding was held on a sunny day. The wedding ceremony and reception was located at Piper’s Health Golf Club in Milton which was 20 minutes from Mississauga, Ontario. The Piper’s Heath is a stunning 18-hole championship course which equals to approximately 7,000 yard golf course. It is a gorgeous place and there are tons of lovely spots for the photo shot, the golf range, rolling hills, tall feather reed grass, old fashioned cabin; especially there is a gigantic 100 year old Oak tree; and oh, don’t forget the sunset magic moment too.

Sarah and Jacky are a very nice couple and very organized, I don’t have to explain too much about all the procedure in the meeting before the wedding day. When I walked in to Sarah’s room, I saw all the smile on the face, Sarah’s dad ran in and shook hands with me and gave me a hug. I realized he is the funny and warm dad. After that, bridesmaids ran up and showed us their name robes; they were very excited and told me it was their first time to be a part of the bridal party. The wedding should be fun!

One can really enjoy every moment on that day; one can easily see all the details in ceremony, the flowers are on the walk way. Jacky and his parents walked on the aisle to start the ceremony; I saw Jacky’s face was on the verge of tears while Sarah was walking slowly on the aisle. This is the best moment and you can’t miss it.

At the dining table, you can find different styles of pictures of the lovely couple, the center piece and the setting are so detailed. The best part that I love, is their small gift which is a small pot with flower seeds as love grows.

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