Young couples from Vancouver, BC
  • Young couples from Vancouver, BC

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to Sunny for taking beautiful photographs at our wedding. It wouldn’t be the same without him. He made the atmosphere light up. Sunny is full of energy and always ready for a good shot. His integrity is one of a kind. Sunny is well organized and provided easy to understand directions. We knew we made the right choice right after he took our first photograph in the early morning on our big day. Sunny, thank you very much!
Bennie & Bertha
Mimi and Roger
  • Mimi and Roger

Sunny is exceptionally keen on details. He’s one of the very best photographers I’ve met. He is great at listening at your ideas and improvising it to his professional standards. Not like most photographers, he’s promising with the timelines that he promised you, I’m sure everyone is eager to see their photos and the after-edits right after shoot, Sunny is great at delivering. I really need to thank Sunny for his professional service on my big day! =)
Mimi and Roger

This is wawawiwa!
  • This is wawawiwa!

Sunny was an awesome, skilled, and professional photographer, although it was our second time meeting each other but Sunny managed to make the entire atmosphere seem like we have known each other for many years. Thus, throughout the entire wedding day we felt very comfortable under Sunny’s lens’, especially when my husband and I are not photogenic at all. Lastly, I just wanted to say that was our pleasure to be able to have Sunny to witness and record down one of the most memorable day of our lives. Thank you very much Sunny, it was an awesome day working with you 🙂 and I look soooooo pretty in all my wedding photos. (p.s. thank you for realizing which angle I look best and skinniest in such a short amount of times)
Fei and Shawn