About Me

Hi dear, thanks for checking me out! I am Sunny, a professional photographer and I specialize in wedding pictures. My childhood days were spent in HK, but I later moved over to Canada, and garnered life experience in the lovely cities of Vancouver and Toronto, and I know my way well around Ontario. Although I base in Toronto, I spend much of my time traveling around Canada. All through my stay is in Toronto I have been taking memorable wedding pictures. I have been invited to cover wedding events in Markham, Scarborough, north York, Mississauga, Toronto, and Ottawa. One unique thing about my photography is that the brides are overwhelmed by my wedding photo-shoots and mostly, they call back to express their utmost appreciation and some even go to the extent of showering me with gifts just to show their appreciation and encourage my wedding photography skills. This reminds me of a wedding ceremony I covered in North York; when the couples where exchanging their marital vows I noticed that the brides mom broke into tears (tears of joys though). This made me to switch over my focus quickly from the couples to the bride’s mum and took a few shots as she cried. A week after the wedding the bride joyfully called, thanking me for my exceptional work especially the way I captured her mum crying. She was so marveled because not every photographer out there would capture such moments.

I know you have a dream of celebrating a wedding that will be mind-blowing and have a long lasting impression in the hearts of your guests present for your wedding ceremony and all of your well-wishers. Among all the weddings I have been the official photographer, I have come to realize that brides are the most excited when it comes to a wedding ceremony. Oh, how brides wish the best moment, that greatest day of their life will last forever! Yes, I know how dear your wedding is to you and because of this, all throughout my years of experience as a professional photographer, I have been doing my best to perfect my profession and thus make that dream of yours come true.

What makes me unique?

Every bride wants the best photography service for her wedding ceremony because it is an occasion that happens just once in a lifetime. In light of this, you will not want to hire someone without experience. Well, as for me, I am a photo freak, having over 8 years of experience and attended more than 300 wedding ceremonies, taking photos and rendering my photography service to brides and the latest couples. Now you can see the reason you should hire me. Do you plan to celebrate your wedding in a Chinese tradition style? Do you want a Chinese wedding? Is it the western wedding style that you wish your wedding to be like? Whichever style you want it, with my 8 years and 300+ wedding experience, I like to share the experience of your lovely wedding day by capturing the lovely moments, sights and sounds of your wedding ceremony and recording it for you professionally. Whether you want the best signature photography, wedding photography, sunny tam, engagement, Asia wedding (just name it!), you have met the right person.

There is this quote that I love so much, and from my many years of experience in wedding photography, I have come to believe that is true. Here is the quote: “A Diamond is Forever, a Photo is Forever too”. If you come across wedding photographs of couples that have been married long time ago, you’ll come to believe this is true. When I was still a little boy, I could remember vividly how my parents showed me their wedding photos. Although these photos are old, they still portray the kind of love my dad had for my mom right from their wedding day! The joy of that day coupled with the fun and celebration still comes to memory anytime they set their eyes on their wedding pictures.

My approach

My style of taking photos is unique. With a height of 6’2 feet tall, I see things differently, and it’s an added advantage because I have all it takes to capture the best moments you never want to miss. Sometimes there are some juicy details you are never aware of in a wedding but with my experience in photography, I will capture these moments, and when you see the pictures you become amazed and speechless.


My view

To me every wedding ceremony is unique. I love and enjoy all the moments in each wedding I attend. There is a wedding I’ll forever remember. At this wedding ceremony the groom later decided to have a dance preference with groomsmen, and I was notified lately, after the appetizers. This astonished the bride because she never knew her man could dance like a professional. The dance the groom started with was ushered with a Michael Jackson’s song, and this thrilled the bride. As the dance came to an end, the groom invited his lovely bride to partake in the dance, and the wedding ceremony was fun!

Let me not bore you with too much write-up; I know you want your wedding to be great and being a lover of weddings and a professional wedding photographer, I will make your dream come true! Please contact me for more details.